Deadline 30.11.2021 for the remote connection of the electronic fiscal cash registers

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According to the legislation (art. 3 paragraph 1 letter a) of OPANAF 435 / 25.03.2021), the economic operators have the obligation to ensure the remote connection of the cash registers (fiscal electronic cash registers) with the national computer system of supervision and monitoring of the fiscal data of ANAF.

For the economic operators included in the category of small and medium taxpayers, the deadline for connection is 30.11.2021.

As problems may arise regarding the connection and in order to avoid the penalties related to the non-fulfillment of the connection in time, the Ministry of Finance issued an information recommending to the economic operators to undertake in advance the steps required to make this connection.

The successful connection of the cash registers to the ANAF servers and the transmission of the complete data will be able to lead to the waiver of certain declarations which are submitted periodically by the taxpayers and will have the effect of simplifying the declarative obligations.

The failure to comply with the obligation to ensure the remote connection of the electronic cash registers in order to transmit fiscal data to ANAF constitutes a contravention and it is sanctioned with a fine between 8,000 and 10,000 lei (art. 10 letter f) corroborated with art. 11 para. 1 letter j) of GEO 28/1999 on the obligation of economic operators to use fiscal electronic cash registers, with subsequent amendments and completions).

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