Accounting for companies

Our accounting team processes data concerning the financial information of our clients in order to offer assistance for management decision making at the same time with complying with the legal accounting and fiscal obligations.
Organizing the accounting, the work manner and the type of financial reports are set taking into consideration the company type, the development stage of the company (start-up, developing company, company that belongs to a group of companies, mid-size or large company).
We can offer accounting services at our headquarter, or at our client’s or remote services).

Monthly or on different agreed/set terms we can deliver:

  • Full bookkeeping complying the legal national stipulations
  • Drawing up and submitting the annual/semestrial or quarterly financial statements, depending on the case
  • Fiscal compliance: drawing up and submitting the fiscal statements specific to each company depending on the fiscal framing
  • Financial reports according to IFRS or with the accounting politics of the group the company belongs to
  • Reporting to management for the decision-making process to grow the business

Other accounting services:

  • Assistance in the implementation of the accounting and administration programs
  • Accounting checkups and/or fiscal statements  
  • Assistance concerning the prime entry of the justifying documents:  
    1. Assistance in drawing up the expense reimbursement documents, travel order and drafting other prime documents (decision for protocol expenses etc.)
    2. Assistance in filling in the justifying documents concerning the cash inflow/outflow)
    3. Assistance in issuing the fiscal invoices according to the due dates from the signed agreements  
    4. Activities concerning the relationship with the banking institutions (collecting the account statements, submission of payment orders)
    5. Other activities concerning the primary accounting