The deadline for tax return submission is postponed

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On Monday, 16.03.2020, the Minister of Finance submitted in a press release that the deadline for submitting fiscal statements is postponed from March 25, 2020 to April 25, 2020.

It is our understanding that is postponed also the deadline for Tax on profit Statement (101), but in respect of cash-register statement A4200 with deadline 20 of March, this one is not postponed.

Also other measures are implemented, respectively:

– the suspension or, as the case may be, the non-commencement of compulsory enforcement of tax receivables. In this regard, summons, deductions on available funds and trackable incomes are no longer issued, nor seizures will be instituted on the goods. Exceptions are the amounts resulted from the court decisions pronounced in criminal matters;

– VAT refund, for March, for all settled statements and for which up-to-date reimbursement decisions have been issued;

– implementation of a new VAT reimbursement mechanism, aimed at speedily settling the deductions, starting with April 1, 2020;

– suspension of tax control actions (tax inspections, anti-fraud controls), except for controls that can be carried out from a distance, as well as cases of tax evasion, where there are clues in this regard;

– suspension of Anti-Fraud actions regarding the Second Filter and of the specific activities at the Border’s crossing points with Hungary and Bulgaria.

The measures will be applied during the period in which in Romania is declared the state of emergency, and also for a 30 days period from the termination of this state.


Source: ANAF –

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