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Law 296/2020 for the amendment and completion of Law no. 227/2015 on the Fiscal Code, published at the end of last year, provides new fiscal facilities for companies that have employees, facilities for which income tax and contributions for pensions and health are not due.

1. Telework facilities
Employees can receive from the employer up to 400 lei per month for current expenses with utilities, furniture and office equipment. The employer’s expenses for the telework activity are deductible for determining the fiscal result. For the amount received, the employee does not owe income tax and social contributions. The amounts are granted without the need to present supporting documents from the employees.

2. Testing and vaccination facilities
For the benefit of covering the costs of epidemiological testing and / or vaccination to prevent the spread of diseases that endanger the employees and the public health, the employees do not owe income tax and social security contributions.

3. Granting the business cars for personal use
The advantage in the form of personal use of cars that are not used exclusively for economic activity, owned or used by legal entities that apply the tax regime of micro-enterprises or the specific tax of certain activities, from which benefit the employees, is not taxed on income and does not enter the calculation base for social contributions. This benefit is a novelty in terms of employers who apply the tax regime to micro-enterprises or the tax specific to certain activities, as payers of profit tax already benefited from limited deductibility for this benefit granted to the employees.

4. Aid for adoption
In the list of the aid for which the employee does not owe income tax and social contributions, the aid for adoption has been added.

5. Facilities in the field of constructions
Income from the salaries and assimilated to the salaries from the employers who carry out activities in the construction sector and fall under the conditions provided by law, are exempt from paying the income tax and the health contribution and the pension contribution is reduced to 21.25%. The new law brought additions to the already existing provisions, by which it includes in the category of the incomes from constructions that benefit from exemption from health contribution and reduction of the contribution for pensions also the incomes obtained based on mandate and management contracts.

The facilities mentioned above apply starting with the revenues related to January 2021, being effectively accessible in February 2021 when the revenues from January 2021 are declared.

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