Software and IT Services

IT is, by far, the most performant Romanian industry at the present. An industry that is part of the creative ones, with a high added value and that succeeded to have a higher contribution to the gross domestic product than agriculture.

Considering all the tendencies in the IT market – cloud computing, analytics/big data, digital, mobility and security, a good organization of the accounting information that can deliver rapidly to the managers/entrepreneurs the necessary reports for decision making process, becomes a key element that can make the difference on a competitive market.

Starting with the fiscal and accounting treatment concerning the license sale for the software programs to the way of recognition of the expenses made with the software production, we can offer you practical advice for identifying the best solutions suitable to the development stage of the company.

In order to stimulate the development if the IT industry there a number of applicable fiscal facilities that we can advise you on with their correct transposition so as to prevent the possible errors that a fiscal inspection can identify. The specific fiscal aspects that we can advise you on are work taxation for the employees from the IT departments and research- development ones and implementation of the fiscal facilities for the research-development.