Representation and assistance in front of the authorities

We offer our clients, expertise and support in the relationship with the state authorities or with the control authorities. At your request we provide assistance in submitting different statements and/or taking the tax registration certificates as well as for the purchase the ledgers and the tax documents with special treatment.

We ensure the relationship with the authorities for:

  • Adjustment of the record sheet per payer
  • Obtaining the tax registration certificates from the National Agency of
  • Fiscal Administration/ Local Revenue Service
  • Obtaining the certificate of fiscal residence
  • Submittal of notifications, applications, declarations for the contracts of non-residents, etc. at the Finance Administration and the Office for
  • Prevention and Control of Money Laundering
  • Temporary suspension of the activity and obtaining a derogatory treatment
  • Obtaining the certificate concerning the confirmation of the paid tax in
  • Romania by foreign legal entities
  • The transfer of the company file to a finance administration from another district
  • Drawing up and submitting the file for obtaining the instalment for the payment of the taxes
  • Drawing up and submitting the file for recuperating the medical leave indemnity from the Health Insurance Office of the Bucharest
  • Municipality.