Fiscal consultancy

We grant offer specialized assistance for drawing up the tax and fees statements as well as any other problems of fiscal procedure.
We offer consultancy and representation in front of the fiscal authorities, including offering specialized assistance during the period of time the inspection is performed.
We perform the certification of the fiscal statements.

Our fiscal consultancy services include:

  • Consultancy connected to the direct taxes (income tax, withholding tax , local taxes)
  • Consultancy connected to the indirect taxes (VAT, excise taxes, customs taxes)
  • Drawing up and submitting the tax statements
  • Assistance in the registration process as a VAT payer
  • Tax revision within the due diligence missions.
  • Assistance in case of fiscal inspections
  • Certification of Statement 101 concerning the Income Tax
  • Identification of all the applicable taxes for your business
  • Registration/ Deregistration as a VAT payer