Deadlines to access the temporary mechanisms for the debts management to the state budget will expire soon

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There are three temporary mechanisms by which companies and individuals who have accumulated debts to the state during the crisis caused by Coronavirus can manage these claims.

1. Simplified payment rescheduling provided by GEO 181/2020
This mechanism involves the rescheduling for a maximum of 12 months of the main fiscal obligations and accessories due starting with 17.03.2020. The mechanism is accessible to both individuals and legal entities with debts between 500 and 5000 lei accumulated during the Coronavirus crisis.

The access is done by submitting an application until 30.09.2021.

This rescheduling is an easier alternative to the classic one because it is easier to access and does not require the establishment of guarantees.

2. The financial restructuring provided by GO 6/2019
It is a mechanism that gives the possibility to restructure the outstanding main obligations on 31.12.2020 and the related ancillary obligations for taxpayers who cannot access the classic payment schedule.

To access this mechanism, a notification must be submitted by 30.09.2021 and a restructuring request by 31.01.2022.

WARNING!!! Submission of the notification is mandatory. Therefore, those who want to benefit from the restructuring must hurry to submit the notification by the end of September.

3. Fiscal amnesty provided in GEO 69/2020
It is addressed to both companies and individuals. The mechanism aims at the cancellation of the accessory obligations if the main outstanding obligations are paid on 31.03.2020.

The request for cancellation of the ancillary obligations can be submitted until 31.01.2022.

In order to determine the appropriate mechanism, each taxpayer who has accumulated debts to the state during this period must make an analysis of his own financial situation corroborated with the conditions for accessing the 3 mechanisms presented above.

For those interested, the Especial Team provides the services of personalized analysis of the financial situation and of representation in accessing the appropriate debt management mechanism.

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